About Us

What we do:

We hold meetings monthly where we may sample and provide feedback on each other’s brews, hold educational presentations on aspects of brewing, freely exchange brewing-related knowledge and ideas, plan events and projects, attend to other matters of club business, and of course enjoy each other’s company. We arrange and participate in group brewing days, coordinate and encourage interaction with brewing-related groups and businesses in the local community and beyond, encourage participation in home brew competitions, hold outings, and explore the local craft beer scene. We are open to participation by anyone age 21 or over who engages in the hobby of creation of fermented beverages, or who is interested in taking up or learning more about the hobby. Participants in meetings should be prepared to bring, share, and solicit feedback on beverages you have created, as well as actively participate in discussions and educational activities. We use the term “brewing” broadly here to be inclusive of the fermented beverages beer, cider, mead, kombucha, sake, sodas, chicha, and others.

What we are:

Yes, we are a social entity. No, we are not a drinking club. We foster the making and exploration of fermented beverages along with their enjoyment, and we urge individuals to imbibe responsibly. We request that members and participants be persons who engage in or have an interest in brewing or craft fermentation as a hobby. Though we may embrace commercial distilleries and do not exclude them from our club activities, the home distillation of spirits is not included in the activities of the club. We recognize the act of unlicensed distillation as illegal within the state of New Mexico.

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  • Fee covers the cost of insurance for member.
  • Access to club-only events and meetings.
  • Access to private club group page dedicated to club discussions.
  • From the American Homebrewers Association website:
    • Talk homebrew with like-minded brewers!
    • Sample club members’ latest homemade beer, mead or cider.
    • Gain valuable knowledge necessary to become a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge.
    • Partake in internal club competitions.
    • Take field trips to breweries, pubs, hop farms and more!
    • Listen to guest lecturers from the hobby and professional brewing industry.
    • Host events to spread the joy of homebrewing while benefiting your local community.
    • Discuss the latest in homebrewing innovations.

Club Fee:

$25.00 per person per year. (Must be 21 or over)

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