The Worthogs Homebrew Club of New Mexico is a club of brewing hobbyists and craft beer enthusiast dedicated to building our skills as brewers, sharing knowledge of the craft of brewing, and fostering camaraderie focused around a shared enthusiasm for brewing and enjoying fermented beverages. For more information, click HERE.

Latest News

The Worthogs celebrate National Homebrew Day 2021 Big Brew Day

The Worthogs celebrated National Homebrew Day on May 1st by brewing a coffee and chocolate stout to age in our whiskey barrel. Thanks go to Albuquerque’s Cutbow Coffee Roastology for their contribution.

Past News

Resource Brewing is Open for Business!!!!!

Congratulations to Worthogs member Shawn Wright & his wife Stephanie on opening Resource Brewing in Albuquerque. Check them out in the Scottsdale Village plaza at Candelaria & Eubank. Beers available for online order & take-out.

Great house beers, tasty brews from other locals on tap including a Palmer cider. Add them to your must-visit brewery list.

4th Annual Winter Beer Competition

Congratulations to Jason Paschen, winner of our club’s annual within-club competition. He won with a tasty cinnamon cacao bourbon imperial stout (say it 3 times fast) and will keep the traveling trophy for 2021. Well done sir!

Let's catch up on what the Worthogs have been doing this summer:

Meetings are being held with a join-by-video option, members only. We anticipate meetings being closed to the public for the foreseeable future. However, contact the club by emailing if you’re interested in membership or need to communicate with us.

In July groups of 2 or 3 members were given identical pre-selected ingredients - grain, yeast, hops - to brew an American Pale Ale, with the provision that no additional ingredients could be used. Brewers had control over equipment and process specifics – mash and fermentation temperatures, hops additions, boil length, etc. Teams submitted notes on what they’d done. Several members then convened and tasted the results. Not surprisingly we had 8 distinct beers for which we could surmise what contributed to their different attributes. We called this the “Brewers Thumbprint Challenge” as each team’s decisions made their beer distinct.

In September we held our annual Big Beer Brew Day and produced a doppelbock, upholding our tradition of brewing a high gravity and age-worthy beer each year that gets distributed to all members and enjoyed at our winter gathering.


AHA Virtual Big Beer Homebrew Event May 2nd, 2020

Several Worthogs brewed in celebration of Big Beer Day, an American Homebrewers Association event held each May. Members made 35 gallons of beer and 5 gallons of melomel (fruit mead). This year we made the decision to brew individually - no group gathering- so we were part of a virtual brew day.

Wort Share with Enchanted Circle Brewing

Worthogs appreciate the generosity of Enchanted Circle Brewing Company for hosting us and extending an opportunity for members to share wort from the brewery which we’ll ferment into our individual unique beers.

A huge thank you to Steve Larson!

2019 National Learn to Homebrew Day!

The Worthogs would like to thank Canteen Brewhouse for hosting our 2019 National Learn to Homebrew Day event. Thanks also go out to all club members who participated and the people who dropped in to observe and learn, tip a beer with us, and share in our passion for all things beer and brewing. Here’s to this year’s success- cheers!

Click here for pictures!

2019 Zombie Brew Cruise

Worthogs brews cruise 2019 - Zombie pub crawl theme (boos cruise?). Thank you to High And Dry Brewing, Sidetrack Brewing & The 377 Brewery.

What a beautiful fall day in Albuqerque to enjoy some local beers & celebrate halloween with fellow homebrewers.

Click here for pictures!

Science of Beer 2019 at ¡explora!

What an amazing night! Explora's Science of Beer was a great success! Thank you to all who came by to visit our Hop Stand, Brew Equipment Exhibit and Club/Raffle Table. We loved meeting you all, sharing our passion, and hopefully convincing you make it a passion of yours. We look forward to seeing all of you soon at any of our future events and meetings!

Thinking of joining a homebrew club?

Worthog Shawn Crawford writes in the latest issue of New Mexico Brewery Magazine about advantages of belonging to a homebrew club.

Click here to visit New Mexico Brewery Magazine website

The Worthogs get mentioned in 2019 Jan/Feb edition of Zymurgy

Thank you to all at the American Homebrewers Association for everything that you do to support us homebrewers and this great hobby! And thank you for the shoutout!


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